This musical journey began more than 20 years ago and 13 years ago the foundations for 96 Music Media were laid in a small room in Vienna. It took a lot of courage, strong nerves and will to stay on this path at all. With all life situations and dramas, love for music was the driving force on this unpredictable road. 

The Story goes on…

The Producer

Guitarist, songwriter, composer and producer with more than 20 years of playing, creating, composing and writing music. Played on many stages, supported great acts like Uriah Heep, The Boss Hoss, Gotthard and recorded in many studios. With an extensive musical background, creativity, technical knowledge and love for the music, Ivan Pop is ready for every musical Journey.

The A Team

Ivan Pop

Songwriting II Music Production II Recording II Mix

Peter DORA

Songwriting II Recording II Editing 

MKF Mastering

Recording II Mix II Mastering



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