In addition to services such as music production, recording or mixing, we are able to offer you some other solutions for your project. Since we care very much about every aspect of your project, with knowledge, competence, space and equipment, we are ready to provide you with a result that you will be happy with. Don´t hesitate to contact us.



Music Production

We call it: "A lifecycle of a piece of music". Music production is the process of developing, creating and finetuning recorded music for any presentation. Through several stages, with experience and attitude, we are bringing your ideas to life.



Your song and your music already exists in your heart, thoughts and mind. Next step is to bring gear in the game and the goal is to capture a performance of the song. In this process we offer you a high-quality multi-track recording of any element you need for your musical journey.



Mix is ​​a process of harmonizing the releationship between various instruments. Balancing the levels, frequencies, dynamics and stereo-image, your song will provide that polished sound to the listeneres. A good quality mix will tie up all elements and perspective in the song.

Stages of Music Production


Discussing your project is the first step in our music production chain.

Before we start with specific project, it is important to discuss your ideas, wishes, direction and sound you have in your head. After that, we are ready to go on a musical journey together.


It's time to fill the empty piece of paper with words and music.

This process can start from scratch or with some ideas that you already have in your head. Many years of songwriting experience can be more than helpful in certain moments. Let´s start...


The most underrated part of music production. Why?

Arrangement is actually what makes one song interesting. You can have the best lyrics and the most beautiful harmony, but if the arrangement is not exciting, your music wont pop out!


High-quality multi-track recording with superb analog equipment.

In our recording room with our equipment, we are able to capture not only the sound, but also the emotion, which is the most important part of your performance.       Music = Emotions


Balancing the levels, frequencies, dynamics and stereo-image of your song.

A good relationship between all the elements of one composition will result in what we call an optimal mix. An optimal mix is the best way to get the perfect final result. Perfect final result makes you & us happy!


Final touch with well chosen analog Equipment will be done at MKF Mastering.

Well chosen analog equipment and simple chain gonna give you deep & warm open sound. Good pair of ears in nice treated room with ATC Speakers gives the best for your music.

Session Guitarist

Session Drummer

Session Bassist

Session Backing Vocals


Hire a Session Musician for your next Project

There is always possibility of hiring professional session musicians for your particular project. We are currently working with some amazing people who master their instruments.


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